So, welcome- this is where my journey begins. My 10 year struggle with weight loss is something I am ready to conquer. I have decided to post my struggle for 2 reasons. The first is to keep myself accountable. I have a bad habit of going balls to the wall for a month or so and then falling off the plan. Putting this out there for all the world to see makes that a little harder. The second reason is that  I want to be able to look back and see how far I've come. It's always nice to have actual numbers and pictures to back that up. Sooo, tonight I will be taking measurements, pictures and making a menu based on 1,850 calories a day. This is 150 calories less than the internet tells me I need but it is dead on for what the internet tells me I need to lose the weight in 11 months. I would obviously like to lose it before that, but I guess at this point I won't set myself up failure by giving myself a date.
My plan is to drastically change my diet based on 3 rules of thought. The first is the food pyramid and exchange lists given by the US gov. The second is the Paleo Diet. This is based on the foods that humans ate during the paleolithic era. The third is a mantra- "If it didn't live, don't eat it". I LOVE that! Meats, veggies, nuts, fruits, seafood, eggs, etc. This takes out ANYTHING that was processed. Which means, goodbye to dairy and pasta and bread. Worst of all, Goodbye Cheese and Ice cream. This is something I have to do if I want to succeed. I have to stand by these rules, for myself.
I am going to be adding as much exercise as I can. I have found 2 exercise buddies and a really energetic 7 year old to help me along the way. I also have myself plugged into blogs by two friends that have devoted their lives to fitness and health.
I will beat this- I will destroy this- and you, my friends, are my witnesses! It's time to go a little bit ROCKY IV on my butt and so it begins...


  1. Hey, I'm with ya girl. We can do this!! Great post.

  2. When you lose that 90 pounds I'll fly you to Hawaii for a reward!

  3. You will do great! Remember slow and steady wins the race! I look forward to reading about your journey.

  4. ohhhh, love the new background pic you chose