Sausage Fingers

I have a beautiful wedding band and engagement ring. It has a classic look and is timeless and my amazing husband had it designed especially for me. You would never know though, because it is hidden in my fat sausage fingers!! This is one of the things I am so ready to change (as well as the michelin tire stomach, but that is another post!). This first week has been a roller coaster for me. I was full on walking at least 2-6 miles a day, eating great (only things that lived), ignoring sweets and alcohol and drinking a ton of water. These are all the things I know I need to do. Then a little thing called 4th of July happened. I had pasta salad (a big no-no), alcohol (mixed with juice, a big no-no) and didn't walk for 2 days. Today will be another day missed because we are entertaining friends on the boat. I need to figure out how to fit in some exercise, even if it's a 20 minute walk or a quick 7 minute ab work out. (what is quicker than a 7 minute ab workout? a 6 minute ab workout!!!). Anyway, I'm not going to get upset and quit this time, I'm going to keep on keeping on and rock this. So, I guess I'll get off the computer and go for a quick walk, maybe even throw a few sprints in for extra credit. Then, I'm going to clean my ring and show a little bling on this fine summer day, sausage fingers and all.