Finally an answer!

I have finally gotten an answer to why my weight has ballooned. I went and got tested and several things have come to my attention. The first of which is that I have Hypothyroidism. A slow thyroid, which in turn causes a slow metabolism.The second is Insulin Resistance. Freaking Hell! It feels so good to know that I am not crazy and that this struggle I have been in for years really does have a medical reason. I was offered a medication to help me but I have chosen to TRY and change this with diet and exercise. If I can't change it in a month I will go on the medication and hope for the best.
I have cut out most sugars, starting with my drinks. No more sweet tea or soda (which was usually only in social occasions anyway) and my 2 a week iced coffee is a goner too. I have been really trying to up my water intake, keeping one with me at all times. I forget how much I love a good ice water...
As for the diet, this is going to hurt like hell. Because I don't eat breakfast I've been doing a protein shake in the morning and I can tell it's working because I now wake up hungry! I can't bring myself to eat food until at least 10 am but when I do it will be either eggs or fruit of some kind. I hate yogurt so that is out of the question. Any suggestions for a quick mid morning snack at work that has very little or no sugar and is easy to take with me would be great. Mainly, I just need to get to the grocery store a few times a week and eating healthy should be a breeze, it's just really expensive, which really irritates me. But I have to do it if I want to see results.
I bet you are wondering if I have lost any weight since I started this blog. The answer to that question is nope. In fact, I've gained 6 lbs. And this is exactly why weight loss has been such a battle for me. I get in the game in my head, work out, walk, drink more water, eat better, eat more often and then I gain weight, get pissed and quit. You say it's not possible, that I'm doing something wrong? Obviously I am, because I know women who eat a lot more than me who are tiny. I can't eat a 12 inch sub but my small girlfriends can ( I get full- the thought grosses me out). I can't eat a Big Mac yet they can eat a Big Mac and the fries! Is it my thyroid? When I was doing Weight Watchers she keep yelling at me to eat more! What the hell! More??!! I tried a meal delivery plan and when I called the help number she told me I wasn't eating enough to lose weight. That I had to eat all the fruits and veggies throughout the day plus the meals. I was like, are you kidding me? That is so much food, I'd have to eat all day. She told me that was the point. I guess I have to listen but I can tell you it's going to be a struggle. I inherited the habit of eating a big meal at lunch (no breakfast) and only a little dinner from my dad. My doc wants me to eat 6 times a day!! Who has time for that?!
It's time-I have to make the time and put in the effort-So like I said, I need suggestions for snacks and lunches I can take with me to work. (I do have a fridge available.)

I am not letting this set back stop me, I will lose this 90 lbs.(well, 96 now!).  And now I have my doc in my corner, and hopefully you too.


Getting the facts

The past few weeks have been enlightening for me. I have run into a few people who I've shared my struggle with and they have filled me in on their tricks to loose weight. Two of these women have shared their medical reasons for their weight gain. Many of the symptoms sound amazingly like mine. So because we live in a rural area I had an incredibly hard time finding a doctor who could test me. I finally located one, had the blood work done and now am playing the waiting game. No matter what the results are I am happy that I got the blood work done so I have a starting point to look back on when I am thin, healthy and hot!
Now on to the exercise. Summer is a hard time to keep on track. You need to be dedicated - ninja like! I get going for 2 weeks, then go camping for a week and lose focus. Yes, I am still kayaking and hiking but not doing the every day 45 minute to an hour thing. This is where having friends comes in handy. They motivate and inspire. One girl posted something online that has stuck with me. She said to make an appointment with yourself. In other words- every morning at 7:30 I will exercise. I will not allow anything to change that. No facebook, no emails, no phone calls, no kids...REALITY is not that easy but I have decided to really try and stick to this. Walking at night with one of my favorite girls has really helped as well. We get to vent, laugh and push each other to succeed.
When I took a nutrition class at college this past semester I learned 2 really interesting things. Moving your biggest muscles (legs and arms) is the best way to lose weight. I don't have to spot train, I can literally just move and the weight should start coming off. The second is a study. One group of people walked for 10 minutes straight. One group sprinted for 30 seconds then rested for 4 minutes. They then sprinted for 30 seconds and rested for 4 minutes. (not walked, rested). The group that sprinted only needed to exercise for a total of 20 minutes a week to achieve the EXACT same results as the group that walked for hours! So, this being said, we are going to add some sprinting to our walks at night. Yes, I feel like my ass looks like two cats fighting under a blanket and I am very self conscience. I know that I look ridiculous running down the street but I'd rather look ridiculous for a 30 second sprint then for the rest of my life.
To recap-Get off the computer and exercise! Eat breakfast! Make an appointment with myself! Sprint during walking! Don't take a week off from exercise during camping! Believe in myself, because I CAN do this!
Have a great week- much love!